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"Said and Done"

Document translation is one of the primary areas of focus for Nota Bene. Our experienced professional translators and editors specialized in a variety of topics will deliver excellence in the following fields:

•    Medicine;
•    Economics;
•    Law;
•    Technology;
•    IT;
•    Scientific translations;
•    Literary translations.

Nota Bene offers a complete range of written translation services:
•    Written translations from/into more than 40 languages;
•    Editing by a professional with special industry knowledge;
•  Proofreading by a native language specialist qualified to suit the specific requirements of the document;
•    Scanning and digitizing of documents, with further translation;
•   Formatting and graphic design of the translation performed by a professional DTP specialist, who applies modern software solutions and is able to work with the formats of your choice;
•  Notarization of translations, apostille services, and consular legalization of documents.

We accept documents for translation and translated texts by electronic mail and on any media (CDs, memory sticks, etc).

We bill on a per-word basis, or based upon a standard page of 1,800 characters (spaces included). We mostly bill based upon the original text; therefore, you can receive a precise quote for our services as soon as you place your order.

However, if your document is not editable, or in the event that you provide a paper document for translation, the exact volume of the order will be calculated and the translation will be billed based upon the translated piece.

the exact volume of the order will be calculated and the translation will be billed based upon the translated piece.

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Legal firm “DeJure Consult”

One crucial aspect for us is the willingness of the translation agency to closely cooperate with us during each and every phase of document execution and meet any additional requirements. The knowledge and understanding of the specifics of making legal documents is also essential.
We are grateful to Nota Bene as a supplier of top-quality translation services.

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Nota Bene is a Full Member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are always eager to make new contacts, meet new people, and explore new opportunities for collaboration!

In order to establish new partnerships and expand our supply geography, Nota Bene Translation Agency has become a full member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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We take an individual approach to every customer and offer convenient payment methods and flexible discounts.

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