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Medical translation is essentially a variety of technical translation. In our increasingly globalized world, and amid rapid medical and pharmaceutical integration, the demand for high-quality medical translation is constantly growing. The execution of medical documents for those receiving treatment abroad, the issuing of a health insurance policy for an international company, the registration of medications, and the installation of foreign medical equipment are just a few examples of many situations for which you may require professional translation services.

Medical translation is a highly specialized discipline that is not a field for amateurs. Inaccurate translations may cause delays in making diagnoses, or problems when undergoing foreign treatment or making use of expensive equipment.

Nota Bene provides accurate translations of medical texts and documents in the following fields:

•    Pharmaceuticals and pharmacology;
•    Veterinary science;
•    Cosmetology;
•    Environmental science;
•    Chemistry and biology.

Nota Bene engages only exceedingly proficient medical translators with relevant expertise in the required field, as well as significant experience in medical translation and a knowledge of the standard medical documents in the target language countries, to deal with the most challenging translation projects.

Nota Bene will translate any medical documents:

•    Case records, patient medical records, epicrises, medical examination findings;
•    Health certificates, sick slips;
•    Health insurance policies;
•    Medical equipment and tool documentation, operating instructions;
•    Product registration dossiers;
•    Drug use instructions;
•    Pharmaceutical certificates;
•    Clinical test and study documentation.

We create and maintain terminology databases and glossaries using modern CAT software (Trados) in order to ensure the rigorous consistency of medical terminology in our translations, even for large-scale projects implemented by a team of translators.

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United Nations Office in the Republic of Belarus

We have been working with Nota Bene since 2006 and consider it to be a leading player in the market for translation and interpreting services in Belarus. Since we started cooperating with Nota Bene, we have almost stopped working with professional translators engaged in our projects on a contract basis.

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