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Literary translation requires creativity, and is better left to those who are capable of not only communicating the essence of an original text, but also preserving its imagery, style and linguistic richness. The translator thus becomes a co-author.

Literary translation is a challenge that only select translators can undertake. They must have an excellent writing style and a good general knowledge to recreate the original literary work in the target language.

Literary translators are also engaged in such areas as advertising, marketing, news reporting and cinematography.

Nota Bene performs translations of the following types of literary works:

•    Novels;
•    Children’s books;
•    Memoirs;
•    Advertising booklets;
•    Scripts;
•    Subtitles;
•    Articles and news reports.

When you choose Nota Bene to translate a literary work, you can be sure that only creative professionals with a perfect knowledge of the source language will be involved. We also engage native speakers of foreign languages in the translation and editing of literary works.

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Legal firm “DeJure Consult”

One crucial aspect for us is the willingness of the translation agency to closely cooperate with us during each and every phase of document execution and meet any additional requirements. The knowledge and understanding of the specifics of making legal documents is also essential.
We are grateful to Nota Bene as a supplier of top-quality translation services.

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Nota Bene is a Full Member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are always eager to make new contacts, meet new people, and explore new opportunities for collaboration!

In order to establish new partnerships and expand our supply geography, Nota Bene Translation Agency has become a full member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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We take an individual approach to every customer and offer convenient payment methods and flexible discounts.

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