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Legal translation is always in demand, and always has been. These days, you cannot operate without an efficient legal framework, and an increasingly globalized world governed by law calls for ever-growing volumes of legal information exchange.

A legal translation is often a daunting task, as it is not merely a matter of translating words and phrases, but of understanding a particular legal system in order to reproduce the very essence of the original document. Legal translation requires both an in-depth knowledge of the law and a perfect command of at least two languages. A slight error in a legal translation can have disastrous consequences, since corrupted translations of legal documents may lead a court of law to reject your documents, or cause you to be denied entry into a foreign country.

Nota Bene carries out the translation of all types of legal documents for work-related or personal purposes:

•    Charters, constituent documents;
•    Contracts;
•    Agreements;
•    Letters of attorney;
•    Court decisions;
•    Minutes;
•    Passports;
•    Certificates;
•    Diplomas;
•    Birth certificates;
•    Marriage certificates;
•    Divorce papers;
•    Death certificates;
•    Service records;
•    Student record books;
•    Driver’s licenses.

Our carefully selected, reliable translators have extensive experience in translating a variety of legal documents. Each time we are entrusted with a legal translation, we make sure that each document is translated accurately and in full compliance with the requirements of the target language country.

We create and maintain terminology databases and glossaries using modern CAT tools (Trados) in order to ensure the rigorous consistency of legal terminology and style, even for large-scale projects performed by a team of translators.

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United Nations Office in the Republic of Belarus

We have been working with Nota Bene since 2006 and consider it to be a leading player in the market for translation and interpreting services in Belarus. Since we started cooperating with Nota Bene, we have almost stopped working with professional translators engaged in our projects on a contract basis.

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In order to establish new partnerships and expand our supply geography, Nota Bene Translation Agency has become a full member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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