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Nota Bene offers accurate and timely translations from/into Estonian of any complexity and scope in various specialist fields.

The Estonian language belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic languages. It is the national language of Estonia and an official language of the European Union. It is a very original language that has retained numerous traditional features.

Estonian is spoken by most of the Estonian population and Estonians who live in neighboring regions, as well as in Sweden, the United States and Canada. With only 1.1 million speakers, Estonian is one of Europe’s minor languages.

There are three major groups of dialects in Estonian – northern, southern and the northeastern coast dialect. This last dialect has many common features with Balto-Fennic languages. Since the XVI century, there have been two varieties of the literary Estonian language, based upon the northern and southern dialects. In the XX century, the differences became negligible, and a uniform literary language was established, the northern dialect serving as its basis. The Estonian language was codified in the first half of the XX century.

Fun Facts

Estonian is not a Baltic language. It is not even an Indo-European language, even though Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are known as the Baltic States.

There are very few languages that distinguish three vowel lengths, and Estonian is one of them.

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