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Nota Bene offers accurate and timely translations from/into Macedonian of any complexity and scope in various specialist fields.

The Macedonian language is a South Slavic language of the Indo-European family, and is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. It is spoken as their first language by approximately three million people.

Macedonian dialects can be divided into three groups: western, eastern and northern. Literary Macedonian is based upon the central dialects of the western dialect group. Macedonian is a young literary language, being codified as late as 1945.

The Macedonian alphabet was developed in 1944, based upon the Cyrillic alphabet with local adaptations from the Serbian alphabet. The Roman alphabet is also used in Macedonian, albeit to a much lesser degree.

Fun Facts

The word stress in Macedonian is antepenultimate, meaning it falls on the third from last syllable in words with three or more syllables, and on the first or only syllable in other words. This is sometimes disregarded when the word has entered the language more recently or from a foreign source.

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We are grateful to Nota Bene as a supplier of top-quality translation services.

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