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Nota Bene offers accurate and timely translations from/into Italian of any complexity and scope in various specialist fields.

The Italian language is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family. It is the national language of Italy, Vatican City, San Marino and Switzerland. In addition, Italian is a second official language in a few provinces of Croatia and Slovenia that have large Italian communities.

Italian migrants brought their language with them to France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Americas. Italian is spoken by approximately 65 million people.

The Italian language stems from Vulgar Latin and has a continuous oral tradition. It has a multitude of distinctive dialects, some of which have a long literary tradition. The literary Italian language is derived from the XIII century speech of the city of Florence. It took Italian centuries to evolve into its modern form (by the late XIX century).

Italian is the language of the Renaissance; hence, it has influenced many West European languages, specifically French, English, German and Spanish.

Fun Facts

“Ciao” means both “hello” and “bye”.

More than 50% of respondents questioned in a U.S. public opinion poll said Italian was the sexiest language of all.

The melodic nature of Italian is due to the fact that all words, except articles and some foreign words, end in a vowel.

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We have been working with Nota Bene since 2006 and consider it to be a leading player in the market for translation and interpreting services in Belarus. Since we started cooperating with Nota Bene, we have almost stopped working with professional translators engaged in our projects on a contract basis.

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